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My Story....part 3 (The Call)

my story Nov 23, 2018


Mindset is at an incredible important part of us being able to become this unstoppable high performer in our life…or not. 

I was convinced it was at the heart of my framework to help business professionals to move from a place of fear, overwhelm and stress towards calm, success and fulfilment. 

And EXACTLY this damn mindset thing was in my way.

I thought that I’d cracked it - after all I’ve read about and definitely “worked” on those mindset changes for a long time already!!

Getting those limiting beliefs out of the way.

The thing is: we ALL have them. I simply don’t know a single person who does not.

Often we don’t even realize what they are (pro-tip: we can normally see them rather clearly when looking at our life and what it throws back into our face). Happened to me often enough….during my corporate life, in my last 15 years of building up and running my first successful business, during...

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My Story....part 2 (The Mindset Conundrum)

my story Nov 23, 2018

I believe that in a way we’re all leaders - first and foremost of our life including all aspects and the goal to  create this safe, successful, fulfilled and happy feeling, right?

And that of feeling accomplished. 

So, I had my 6 areas identified and defined lots of details to achieve exactly that - in almost all of those areas.

Except one.  

That was the one that got me stuck. 

And I knew intuitively that it was at the heart of everything. 

Some call it mindset. I knew though intuitively that this is only part of the truth. Our mind is great. And incredibly useful….still after having done a lot of work in this area….I realized that I did not really hit the core, but was circling around it without a real breakthrough. 

This infamous part of the puzzle was missing. And I knew without it the whole concept would be a great collection of useful tools…but lack soul. This crucial part which would be the secret to building the...

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My Story...Part 1 (How It All Started)

my story Nov 23, 2018

Well, this is a different kind of blog this time. No tips, tricks, just sharing how I got to where I am now and what I've learned along the way...AND my conclusions - for both, my business and my private life.

Gosh, this woman is self-centered - that's what I would have thought some years ago. About myself.

Now I know that a) I write up a lot of stuff for my own benefit (great reflection, try it out!) and b) I've learned that I can learn from others when I hear their stories. 

We all resonate with different things. So you might like my story...or you might not. And that's fine.

If you're curious....get yourself a cup of coffee and come on the journey with me!

Part 1

We know that the best way to move information from your head to your heart is through your hands" (Brené of my favourite authors!)

....meaning, whatever new concepts we learn to do a better job, to be us, to follow our life's dream or to have better relationship or better health, we go to put them...

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Why My Decision Making Strategy Works and Yours Doesn't

Bold statement, right? Even a bit cheeky. But it triggered you to read on - that's great and I'm glad that you're here. So, here's what made me write about this topic.

Today I had a chat with a client who told me that most people she’s working with take AGES to take decisions and when they finally do, those decisions suck.

 For both – herself and her customers.

 These decisions are taken from the wrong place – and much too slow.

 This is not a call to increase our neck-breaking speed once more in our super fast-moving world. This is rather a call for making decisions in a way where they become easier.

And better.

So, we dug a bit deeper in our conversation and found that decision making seems to have become so much more complex and harder than ever before.

3 Reason that make decision making tough

What are the reasons for this phenomenon?

Well, I’ve identified 3 major ones. And two relate to basically everybody  - maybe not always, but...

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4 Reasons Why I Failed And What To Do Instead

failure Aug 13, 2018

I made all these plans for August. 

Hey, summer tends to be quieter in business, hence this has always been a great time for me to plan, to strategize and to get things aligned again, right? A bit like a mid year NY’s eve for re-newing our commitments or finding some new ones.

It’s mid of August. And until now I failed miserably.

Strong Start

My July was definitely different than I had planned. The course I’m currently attending (to learn more about online business) suddenly came up with the idea of a summer course:

Conceptualise, create, promote and publish an online course in 5 weeks.


I’ve always like a good challenge, so I jumped on board. And suddenly the whole month was taken over (biggest take away: with the right dedication much more than we might believe is possible).

So, the spirits for August were high and I came up with lots of ideas and plans. 

  • I planned to do yoga daily.
  • I decided to tap every night before going to bed (if you...
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The Little Gremlin Word That Kills Connections

We have all heard that words are powerful, right? Who has not listened to famous people in history triggering spontaneous outbursts in tears (or at least creating watery eyes for the tough ones amongst you) or touching us in whatever kind of format when coming out with sentences like “I have a dream” like Martin Luther King did in 1963.

There are many more modern examples of touching and motivational speeches – one of them was from Sheryl Sandberg in a Harvard Business School Class speech from 2012 where she said:

"If you want to win hearts and minds, you have to lead with your heart as well as your mind. I don’t believe we have a professional self from Mondays through Fridays and a real self for the rest of the time ... It is all professional and it is all personal, all at the very same time."

Does that resonate? Well, it does with me (in fact I LOVE this one, I could not agree more with her, which I’ve expressed clearly in this article)

So I guess we...

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Why understanding these fundamental steps changed my life (and will do the same for you)

authenticity courage Feb 22, 2018

I tend to tell my clients , “People don't have business problems, they have personal problems that reflect in their business".

The opposite is also true - "People don't have business success, they have personal success that reflects in their business”.

For most entrepreneurs or business professionals if things don’t go in the desired direction, or it’s not growing or not progressing fast enough….they start implementing more tactics.

Or fancy tools.

Or apps.

Or start the 20th thing they heard about to finally get there. Hey, if that worked for others, it has to work for me too. Right?

So there is lots of “fixing” on the business side of things, and at the same time they tend to ignore the personal and emotional side of things.

Ever noticed that if we have an issue on the business side and we look thoroughly enough, we ALWAYS find that the actual reason is somehow personal? Lack of self-confidence, not feeling “good” enough,...

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Everyone Needs One Of These...At Least

I bet that triggered your interest…what’s she talking about – would have done the trick for me :-).

So, I start with a spoiler and disclose the answer right away: A COACH.

In fact, at least one.

Of COURSE I would be saying that  - I'm a coach myself and just want to sell my stuff, right?

Before you let judgement settle in right away, bear with me for a second (well, probably a few minutes, unless you’re one of this super readers).

I have two

Coaches that is. Not seconds.

Not because I am particularly rich or…ehmm… incapable ;-).

I will explain why in a moment – let me tell you a little story first:

My idea of building up a different and new business came up about a year ago. Even a tad before that, come to think of it.

So, I made a plan (hey, after all I AM a business woman with decades of experience), decided what I had to learn (how to build lists, how to create a course, how to shoot an effing video….and how...

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16 Suggestions For Essential & Better Self Care in 2018

The year has started so long ago that we're probably all back to normal - whatever normal means. Checking numerous e-mails, fighting through endless to-do-lists, spending hours in more or less useful meetings and the relaxed feeling from the holidays wanes off slowly - or already did.

And so we forget those maybe New Year resolutions to spend more time with the family or for us and to take care of our well-being, to have more fun and joy in our lives.

I get it - it is so easy to get sucked into those habits which we have trained well over years. Sometimes decades.

When our health improves, EVERYTHING shifts.

Unfortunately true the other way round too. Or more to the point, then it shifts into a very undesirable direction.

Hence I've put together a list of self-care measures. Basically to help me remembering every day. Yes. Not just once a week. Or month. Or even once a year....oh, I'll just fight through to the next holidays.

Rather not. Unless you are a masochist ;-).

So here we go...

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The Power of Starting At the Right End

confidence foundation Jan 23, 2018

A couple of days ago I had one of those lovely hour long drives (travel from Switzerland to Germany on a regular basis), completely on my own (love it) and was mulling some thoughts over...with that result:

I was thinking about the power of “starting at the right end” and what that really means.

So let me go into more detail what I really mean.

I worked in corporates for about 15 years, juggling hundreds of millions and managing teams across a number of countries.

Then I started my own business working with corporates, small and medium businesses and partners.

I also went through 2 failed long-term relationships.

And eventually this one thing struck me big time:


Every time when someone - or I - was stuck we, basically every time, start "problem solving" AT THE BLOODY WRONG END!

....We are going to leadership seminars without knowing how to lead ourselves.

....We learn interpersonal skills to communicate with others without even knowing ourselves or how to...

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