Relationship Idea #6: Your Relationship with Others Will Only Be As Good As the One With Yourself

relationships Jun 29, 2021

When we talk about relationships, most people take a look at their outside world.

The relationships with our loved ones.
The relationships with colleagues.
The relationship with name it.

And so they put their effort into developing, building or restoring these relationships.

What many overlook though, is the first step:

Developing a relationship with themselves.

What I mean by that is not just taking care of ourselves - the infamous self-care.

I'm rather talking about taking time to

- look inside
- get to know oneself on a deep(er) level
- own and take care of our own fears & insecurities
- notice and manage our emotions and mental chatter
- becoming aware of our patterns and beliefs
- connecting with who we really are underneath all the social conditioning summary: Doing the inner work, becoming authentic and building a relationship with self.

So that we can have compassion, love, understanding and patience with ourselves that we show others....instead of beating ourselves up - what A LOT of people do.

(I'm so stupid, "How could I be so idiotic"...were just a few things I heard during the last couple of days from people talking about themselves).

I bet you will learn a lot about yourself when you start taking the time you would take for someone else who is important. Which will result in understanding and embracing yourself in a completely different way.

Resulting in a shift in relationships around you.

I've experienced that first hand and still do.

Admittedly some people left or disappeared from my life on all levels.

Others showed up, and new ones came - and ALL my relationships have improved.

PS: If you want to get to know yourself better and need a little support, let's talk, just drop me an e-mail at [email protected] for a free 30 min coaching call.


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