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21 Ways How to Thrive in the Year-End-rush Instead of Only Surviving

empowerment focus personal leadership powers productivity self-talk Nov 21, 2022

In my last blog I wrote about the year-end-rush and the number one (rather counterintuitive ) tip of how to deal with it differently. What I wrote is still true - while talking to my clients though I realized that it supports even more to have a list of various hands-on ways or measures to pick from. Those that help in your individual situation. Which I guess is different from mine. And the one of the person next door. 

So - here we go - 21 ways. 

Let me know what works/worked best for you - just drop me a quick line at [email protected] - I always love to hear back from anyone reading my blog.

  1. Breathe – the cheapest and most effective form to calm your nervous system.
  2. Watch your self-talk – as your thoughts create your emotions. So be careful what you think.
  3. Know your needle movers – what tasks bring you closer to where you want to be?
  4. Prioritize – and start a WON’T do list.
  5. Recalibrate regularly and make space in the calendar for unexpected stuff – you can be bloody sure it will come (and if not use the time for a break)
  6. Manage your emotions – particularly the unwanted ones. Feel them, accept them (no dwelling though) and then let them go.
  7. Set an Intention in the morning – right when waking up. You’d be surprised how you can program your mind.
  8. Remember to be human – life’s messy. So are we. Let’s embrace it.
  9. Have more courage to say no – don’t accept any monkeys (tasks) which are not yours. Even if you feel flattered that you’re being asked.
  10. Find your balance of flow and go that works for you – only push, push, push exhausts – reserve times to let thoughts and creativity flow…you might stumble across a much better way of doing things or have ideas which give you what you need to achieve results.
  11. Focus – rather self-explaining.
  12. Give yourself permission to have a breakdown or to fall in a hole from time to time. Nobody can be strong and all the time. Then go to No 6.
  13. Be kind to yourself – treat yourself like your best friend. Admit it – often you don’t (I was guilty of that!!)
  14. Cut the meetings -  most are time wasters anyway. Think carefully before pressing “accept”.
  15. Stop starting stuff and start finishing – only things that cross the finish line have value – keep that in mind. Very related to no 11.
  16. Have breaks - best case every hour (protects your energy) and move – don’t just use your brain….in case you’ve forgot – you also have a body and this one supports you immensely in generating energy.
  17. Delegate and trust…or push out – you’re not the only one who can get “shit done” – your team can too 😉
  18. Rest – And I mean exactly that. Sleep. Give your mind and your body a break when it asks you to.
  19. Use the power of response – instead of simply reacting. You’ll save tons of time as you save yourself the well-trained overthinking. And you’ll realise that many things, people and situations matter far less than you might have thought.
  20. Play – whatever you enjoy, just a few minutes here and there…incredibly relaxing. Skip outside, climb a tree, get on a swing, paint – whatever floats your boat.
  21. Don't take this list as a "got to do all of that on top", but as a "hey-I-can-choose-what-is-right-for-me-to-feel-better"- otherwise it's counterproductive.  Don’t let me tell you what to do or leave - develop awareness and decide what's for you - just stay open and test what could work for you

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