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How to keep yourself & your team aligned working both, remotely & in the office

communication expats relationships remote work team Sep 08, 2020

It looks like we won't get rid of the Corona situation and the consequences any time soon. Part of it is that many people still work remotely, some work in the office while keeping distance, some do both. 

That creates its own challenges. And even more so when you're a leader in another country than your home country - in other words, if you are an expat. Or if you start new in an organisation during these times and desire to get to know and align your team. 

So, now I've recently started - together with a befriended leadership coach - a Meetup group in the Munich area, particularly (but not exclusively) for Expat Leaders. And this was exactly the topic we discussed in our very first Meetup event on September 4th. 

Here's the video which we recorded to make the information accessible for more people and we discussed these issues:

* Keeping communication and coordination of work up

 * Little informal time to chat

 * People spread out

 * Feeling of missing out or not being aligned

...with the result that alignment AND relationships can suffer big time.

Listen in to the solutions we suggest...and if you like what you hear, why don't you join us for our next meeting (well, online of course for now....). Here's the link to the group  - we're looking forward to meeting you sometime in the future. Yes, you :-). 


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