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3 Things That Happen When We're Stressed - and 3 Surprisingly Easy and Effective Measures of Dealing With Acute Stress

health personal leadership stress stressmanagement Sep 07, 2019

87 % of all people in Central Europe are stressed - regularly. From a bit of stress to burnout symptoms. Stress creates havoc in our life. In our bodies. And for relationships. Time to deal with it - let's start with some measures for acute stress.

We all have learned to deal with stress - some more, some less. Most solutions are rather intellectual: Raise your awareness, don't let people get to you. Think positive. 

All those measures make sense. 

Often though, we find ourselves reacting with stress so quickly that the awareness is out of the window - or we find ourselves permanently stressed, as it built up slowly and we did not hit the brakes early enough.

If we're in the middle of high stress, our body tries to protect us. Which is great. 

The thing is though - we're not made for constant stress. This reaction was supposed to put our body in an alert situation to bring us out of range. And if we're permanently alert, the chemistry in our body creates havoc.

In this video I describe what really happens in our bodies when we're stressed, you learn why you're probably still pissed off or react impatiently even if the stressful situation happened hours ago and how stress affects your brain and your performance (spoiler alert - it's not good). 

The good news: There are some emergency measures against stress....and I disclose those at the end of the video. 

They are easy, incredibly effective and everybody can use them - you don't even have to practice them, I promise. 

Let me know in the comments how this works for you...next week I'll talk about what you can do to prevent stress and give you some longer term strategies to keep stress at bay.


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