Are you ready to take (radical) responsibility?

Last week a rather frustrated and utterly exhausted client was getting  exasperated about their "super difficult" situation: "I have to do all these things NOW as there is only a certain time window and on top of that I have to prepare a presentation - which came around the corner very short notice."

I cautiously asked: "What could you say no to?".

"Nothing," was the answer - "If I don't do it - nobody will. I can't possibly let anyone down."

Phew - no wonder did my client feel overwhelmed and even helpless. In other words - stuck - unable to change the situation nor the feeling.

Sounds familiar? The I-have-so-much-to-do-and-can't-do-anything-about-it-scenario?

With the same feelings coming along?  

Well, it was definitely VERY familiar to me years ago running my own business as a single mum.

Now the million-dollar question is; HOW the heck can you get out of that?

Well, the short answer is: TAKING RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY for your life.

The longer answer is: Taking....

Responsibility for your actions.
Responsibility for your reactions (or better: responses).
Responsibility for your emotions and your happiness.

Responsibility for your patterns & beliefs.
Responsibility to create and live YOUR vision.
Responsibility to be and live as the real you.

Jeez - that sounds A LOT!!! 

And yeah - in the first place, it does. Another overwhelming thing on top of everything else?

Who wants that?

It's so much easier to blame circumstances, isn't it?. Or others - you know - the morons in our life. 

Well, that's one way of looking at it. 

Responsibility = Power

I find it incredibly powerful - as there are always two sides to a stick- and the other side of RESPONSIBILITY is POWER. 


I can do ALL of that? Yep, I can - AND SO CAN YOU.

And btw. you're NOT responsible for a lot of stuff - often the circumstances are out of your control. Or when people do behave like morons. 

What you ARE responsible for  - or rather have the power over  - is how you deal with said stuff.

I like it - my life (and that of many of my clients) has become much easier, more joyful and peaceful and when the shit hits the fan I might get angry, frustrated, sad or angry for a moment - and then I move on and get on with it. 

Do I always love it?

Hell no.

Those who know me personally know that I hate all things administrative. Now I got some post from the Swiss tax the other day - 2,5 years after I moved to Germany and it suddenly dawned on me that I had ignored a little step  - which I personally found completely nonsensical - when moving away, One that could cost me a lot of money I noticed when reading the letter. My heart sank and my first instinct was to pretend I never got it or pull the duvet over my head for the next few months.

Suffice to say - I didn't. 

So powerful to accept what is and the emotions coming along with it and taking it from there. Movement instead of being paralysed. 

Radical responsibility is one of the things that we go through in my new program ALIGNED (only 3 super-priced slots free until June 30th)

It's one of the most important aspects and much more fun than you might think. I promise.

So - are you ready to take radical responsibility in your life?



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