How to reduce stress immediately – get out of your head!

Recently one of my new clients confessed to me (feeling rather shameful about it) that often he finds himself in important meetings when this particular colleague, a level above him who permanently wipes off his suggestions and arguments.  

“Yeah, but….” is the standard reaction and on top of that, he keeps interrupting him rudely in front of the whole board or sometimes business partners.

Immediately his brain is running hot & is overloaded, thoughts bouncing back and forth. Despite being a brilliant person, these witty answers he would love to say right there and then don’t seem to come through. 

“I’m always stuck in my head, analyse & overthink things, which makes my head almost explode then. I even catch myself holding my breath when I think & think & think. Some of the thoughts even haunt me at night afterwards! Leaving me mentally rather exhausted, and I have to hold back to not explode in someone’s face when the smallest incident comes on top of that.”

All of my clients are highly skilled and extremely smart.

The thing is: they love thinking and analysing. Their brains are working fantastically and served them a great deal in the past. Until they realise that this is not enough.


Because demanding from the brain to handle emotional challenges like this one is a bit like asking a fish to climb a tree. Doesn’t work – duh.

Superpower – getting out of head

The solution: Getting out of the head and tapping into all those wonderful super-powers we have. While cutting through some crap, eliminating some B-rules (=BS) and re-connecting with them.

No idea how? Well, it’s easier than you might think. I identified seven so far. One of the most important ones is to CREATE HEADSPACE within minutes (if you practice it takes seconds). Emotions happen in our body. So, we better include the body in dealing with them too.

When combining this with the super-power of FOCUS (which literally creates our reality) and HABITS, stress levels decrease substantially, and your brain will bounce back to its full and glorious power.

Just in case you were wondering what the other 4 superpowers are

  • Power of connection with our core on demand (extremely powerful)
  • Power of visualization
  • Power of our thoughts and words (=language, communication)
  • Power of intention
  • Power of response

The thing is: Often we have forgotten that we have them and we’ve developed plenty of blind spots for ourselves. Hence, we might require bit of a mirror in front of our face.  And then everyone can manage – it works every time.

 Normally takes approx. 6 hours max. to dig out or acquire these powers (again).  After that it’s practice and consistency.

 PS: My client applies his superpowers regularly. Which shifted his perspective and thought and hence also the way he shows up. The big surprise: Suddenly this particular colleague changed his behaviour, too. Without any discussion, argument or crises intervention. A tad of magic.

PPS: Well, of course, I'm happy to hear from you ([email protected]) to tell you a bit (or much) more about how to access and uncover your powers. You can find and activate them yourself if you dig and look closely enough. Or you can take the quick path. Your choice.


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