Human. Imperfect. And still worthy.

Some days ago, I attended a meetup where we talked about failure culture. Fascinating views and conversations. And it inspired me to write this up. Maybe it serves you too - if so, let I'd love to hear from you. Just drop me an e-mail at [email protected]


"I am really good at my job - and still make mistakes.

I adore honesty - and still I lie sometimes.

I have clear  boundaries - and still on occasions don't manage to say no.

I decided to not participate in drama - and still find myself in it from time to time.

I am a strong leader - and still, also soft and yearn to be taken care of occasionally.

I am generally organized - and sometimes still chaotic.

I'm a serious person - and still laugh about silly stuff.

I'm a feminist - and still love (most) men.

I'm a happy person - and can still fall into a black hole sometimes.

I generally know what's the right thing to do - and still fail to do it every once in a while.

I'm ambitious - and still have totally unproductive days in my life.

I'm open and curious towards people  - and still don't like everybody.

I have high standards for myself and others - and still accept less from time to time.

I'm a kind person - and still raise my voice sometimes.

I love reliability - and can still forget appointments.

I'm compassionate - and still self-righteous every now and again.

I'm authentic - and still at times find myself falling back into the trap of hiding.

I have a high level of awareness - and still old patterns can suddenly kick in.

I'm mostly love and light - and also a little bit of go and f*ck yourself.

 In summary - I'm human. Imperfect. And still worthy."

 ©Claudia Hesse


…and I've decided to give myself  - and others - more and more this permission to be human. Not just in my personal life - in business too.

 And to be more forgiving towards myself and others when I/they f*ck up.

 That does not mean having to lower my standards on a regular basis.

 It's simply accepting that nobody is perfect or is only THIS OR THAT - sometimes we're simply both. I call it the two ends of the stick - which you can find in every topic and area of life.

 As for everything in life and business it's a matter of balance - one of my all-time favourite words. And often so hard to achieve. Because there is only YOUR right balance - not what others  expect from you.

 A never-ending journey. But an exciting and joyful one if we decide that it is.


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