My Story....part 4 (The (Awesome) Results)

my story Nov 25, 2018

Continued...from part 3

The results. Yes. 

This is where I stopped last time (getting into the swing's actually a reflection of another sort, writing up how we got to the place where we are today...sorry, I digress...back to the topic ;-) )

"Powerful and game changing….and not just on a mindset level, but on a much more profound and deep level."

And these are NOT my words, but those of people, I had the privilege to work with (quite honestly I find it still hard to use those big words being German. And pragmatic. Just saying).

Let's be clear: there are so many promises and "awesome" (makes me cringe each time I use the word) results claimed everywhere that it's pretty boring by now, right? 

So I get it when you yawn and think - oh gosh, ANOTHER one (rolling eyes).

And you know what? I could not believe it in the beginning myself. 

As I'm a down-to-earth person, I'm professional (hope so after 30 years of business experience) and more than sceptical towards any "quick fixes" and overly exaggerated promises. 

And I'm not into woo-hoo stuff with no background. (I did learn though that a kind of magic exists - tell you more about that another time. :-).)

Just saying - so the first one to NOT trust it in the beginning was simply ME.

Back to the results WHAT did it change?

  • "Boosted Confidence".
  • "Amazing joy & lightness"
  • "Balance (that was never there before)"
  • "Authentic connections & powerful communication".
  • "Changed thought patterns".
  • "Finally value my true self".

Also words from people I worked with. 

And shifts which release possibilities which seemed unthinkable before.

Now - many coaches might get similar results working with their clients.

The most surprising fact here though: they achieved those results instantaneously after 2 SESSIONS.

What I heard from coaches before: “Well, it takes at least a few months before you will see any tangible results”. Just spoke to someone y'day who's engaged a what I call traditional coach for a team member in his organisation...after 8 sessions no tangible results....

Quite honestly: this is BOLLOCKS….you know, one of those limiting beliefs we were told for a long time. 

I know, I know - this will NOT make me very popular among those coaches. And you know what: many of you do GREAT work. And some just don't - 

We CAN shift and change at a breath taking speed. ALL OF US!! If we decide to and know how to do it. 

And here's the catch...oh, wait, this is already FAR too long, that has to wait until next time.

BTW...if you've read until here - congratulations. I love you. Really. I would love me if I had the patience and attention span to read a story...digressing again...until soon.

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