My Story....part 6 (How I kept those changes alive)

my story Dec 02, 2018

ATTENTION - a bit of a longer part - if you’re in a hurry scroll to the end :).

Last week I got a call from someone who’d read my count down posts on Facebook (which is basically the same as this blog) and asked “what the heck are you doing there? You really got me curious!”

Well, that was the idea. Of course. 

…alright, alright…yes, I’m working on something epic. For you. And for me. 


Because I finally found the magic formula for taking fear and anxieties out of my life and tapping into joy, confidence and power, connected with an overwhelming sense of freedom (took me long enough). The foundation for success in life. Also found that out rather late.

And I’d love to share it with the world - that is you I’m talking about (just in case you haven’t noticed).

AND it was much easier than I thought.

Gasp - another big marketing promise? 

No. Because I loathe those. I spent money on empty promises. I fell for nice words with nothing behind…so I don’t use them or do it.

I love stories though.  Hearing them. Reading them. Writing them. This is why I continue to tell this one. Those that spin on. And where I get something out of it. 

A feeling.

An insight.



You might not. I mean like what I write here. And that’s o.k.

Where did I stop last time - ah, yes…talking about those shifts and more growth in the last 1,5 years than in the previous 10 years.

And no - this is no exaggeration. 

And yes - I did grow, change and develop before. 

What happened though was, that I often turned in circles. Found myself doing or reacting in the same way to (critical) situations  - often to my detriment. Despite having read all those books and having listened to great advice. 

Why? Because I forgot there and then. 

That brings me back to what I promised to tell: HOW the heck did I manage now to keep those shifts alive now? What was different?

Well, let me explain:

  1. I FINALLY started at the right end. Not fixing anything on the inside from the outside. Does not work. I’ve tried it for more than 25 years. Believe me, it simply doesn’t. The old fears, self-doubts or destructive thoughts (or all the stuff from the past) kept showing up, regardless of how many books  I read to eliminate them. Thankfully not that often - normally just in the moments when I thought everything is really good. Bugger. 
  2. I practiced. Simple. Created consistency. Until I managed to use what worked best for me on a regular basis. Some stuff daily, some just on a regular basis. 
  3. I HAD HELP. I consider myself as a fairly disciplined person, still I would have not managed it without help. I have a wonderful mentor and regular (almost weekly) coaching sessions to keep me on track. AND I have a community of people I can rely on and we support each other in our growth to shine brighter. 

Let me talk a bit about the last aspect here. I grew up with the indoctrination to become INDEPENDENT - NEVER depend on anyone, then no-one can hurt you.

Well, some 30 years later I realized that this is one of those mega bollocks beliefs some of us were brought up with.

I’ve been independent in financial terms since I was 23. I raised my kids basically on my own. I moved about 10 times. Even to a different country. On my own (well, with small kids). I did it all on my own and I know I can be proud of it. 

In a way. 

The other side is that it was exhausting. 

And lonely. 

I “had to be” strong.

And despite being “independent”, I was hurt many times. By employers and colleagues, by lovers, by friends. 


Ever heard this saying that we are the sum of the 5 people we spent most of our time with? There is definitely truth in this statement. And the more we surround ourselves with people who can lift us up, who go in the same direction and have the same values - the better our chances to stay on track ourselves. 

Now - you might ask yourself: What kind of track? And more importantly WHY? 

PS: Oh, hi there. Scrolled right to the end? The short version: I’m working on something epic for you and there are 3 factors that made accelerated my confidence & empowerment by factor 10 in the last 1.5 years…the right end….practice…and help.

Sounds easy enough, right?

To be continued....part 7...The Track...and Why



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