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The Power of Starting At the Right End

confidence foundation Jan 23, 2018

A couple of days ago I had one of those lovely hour long drives (travel from Switzerland to Germany on a regular basis), completely on my own (love it) and was mulling some thoughts over...with that result:

I was thinking about the power of “starting at the right end” and what that really means.

So let me go into more detail what I really mean.

I worked in corporates for about 15 years, juggling hundreds of millions and managing teams across a number of countries.

Then I started my own business working with corporates, small and medium businesses and partners.

I also went through 2 failed long-term relationships.

And eventually this one thing struck me big time:


Every time when someone - or I - was stuck we, basically every time, start "problem solving" AT THE BLOODY WRONG END!

....We are going to leadership seminars without knowing how to lead ourselves.

....We learn interpersonal skills to communicate with others without even knowing ourselves or how to talk to ourselves.

....We are starting new ventures without even having clarity about what is important in our life.

....We are attempting to build a future (business or private) while still being stuck in the past.

The result: this can bring us back to the same point again and again in our lives - not having the lesson learned yet.

Been there, done that. BIG time.

Pretty painful, or maybe I was just a really slow learner

The solution 

So what is the solution?

I learnt, that I can only come that far while ignoring building the right foundations, regardless if that is in business, in a relationship or with a flipping' house!!

If we’re looking for SUSTAINABLE success in life, let’s make sure we build the foundation:

鉁达笍 Understand who we really are. This means digging deep, knowing a process how to get there to uncover what we might have buried for years or how it was in my case, for decades (yes, I am THAT old).

And I am NOT talking about digging in the past - I don’t know anybody who benefited from doing that (particularly if it was painful).

What I mean is cutting through the crap (pardon my language) and getting right inside.

鉁达笍 Knowing who we choose to be: whatever we are today or what we do does not have to be us tomorrow or next year.

In a lot of areas our genes are completely overrated (if you don’t believe me, start googling this subject), so we are not just this way because “I’ve always been like that” (or we were told often enough).

Decide who you’d like to be and act accordingly….

鉁达笍 Use your unique and massive power or potential.

We all have this power - some call it light, we can tap into and which gives us the strength and the potential to deal with all the s….that might come towards us in life.

鉁达笍 Clarity: What do I choose in my life, where am I going?

If we have the end in mind, we can start walking.

If we just go through the motions, we might end up asking ourselves if “that was all” eventually.

鉁达笍 Confidence: with clarity and knowing who we are comes self-confidence…I can figure things out…, confidence in the process and in life.

And love.

And this is not about some fancy shortcuts, but about the right sequence.

If we build a career or business without having the foundation in place it will go wrong eventually - or we turn in circles (been there, done that!)

If we don’t know who we really are, we will end up with this midlife crises, where those parts we’ve ignored for a long time make their way to the surface.

This is when relationships break or some of us decide to leave their previous life behind.

Having our “house in order” - having these foundations in place.is the pre-requisite for leading. Ourselves and others.

Cause only then others will follow us. Only then we can inspire and motivate. Only then we shine.

Did you ever run into issues because your foundations were not in place?

Drop me a line to [email protected] and let me know! 

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