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What's holding you back from being where (or who) you want to be?

embodiment emotions habits mindset patterns personal leadership Apr 25, 2023

Today I had a session with a client I've seen for the second time.

We delved into her challenge of how she could get where she absolutely wants to be (which is a particular position in academia)  - an idea she had for years!

Now - we could have started working on some strategies or tactics of how to get there.

But that's not what I do.

Deep work does not have to be a huge effort

Working on the surface would totally ignore what's at the core of the challenge and simply mean that a similar situation - based upon the pattern at the basis - will pop up again eventually.

I experienced that SOOO often in my own life until I realized I had to tackle what WAS at the bottom.

So - we went deep.

Arghh…that sounds uncomfortable and like a lot of effort and time.


It just required a couple of the right questions, and  - totally not modest here - I'm really good at asking those due to my very well-developed intuition and wham - it always leads to the core quickly.

Within minutes it was clear which harmful thought pattern she was repeating constantly.

No deep analysis, no hours of talking stuff to death.

It turned out that at the centre of her "needing" to get to this particular position was the belief that only if she did, she would be a success.

And if not - she'd failed.

Reprogramming mind and body

So I helped her reprogram her mind - and more importantly, her body from fear of failure to feeling stable and safe.

This fear had already cost her so much in her life. Misery. Stomach aches. Time spent worrying - about her self-worth and what others think (of her)  if she fails.

She was totally blown away by the simplicity of the exercise which she can easily do every day - or when the situation calls for it.

Back in charge!

So how did that help her achieve her ultimate goal?

Well, funnily enough, she realized that what she thought was the absolute must might not be it and that there might be alternatives that suddenly opened up so many possibilities she'd never ever considered before.

Making her feel lighter and IN CHARGE!

All of that was because she became aware of a deeper pattern and shifted it.

With a little help ;-).

So - do you know the pattern which are in your way?

The thing is that we're all driven by our patterns, habits, beliefs and emotions.

Some of them are really useful - like cleaning your teeth every day - others very harmful (I don't talk about "right" or "wrong" as this is a very individual perspective - just saying…no dogma here).

And more often than not, many people have NO CLUE ABOUT WHAT THESE HARMFUL ONES ARE. They only FEEL that something's off or have emotions they don't like - anger, being upset, exhausted or frustrated.

These patterns are simply blind spots.

And even if people DO know or see them  - then the million-dollar question is: HOW THE HECK DO I CHANGE THEM?

A quick and affordable way to get where you want to be

Want to uncover your blind spots and remove what's been in your way for probably decades? (this was definitely true for me!)

Hey, I get it - you might feel that you've got no time for a full-blown 6-month coaching programme. 

BUT this is exactly why I came up with the idea of offering you 15-minute on-demand coaching sessions with me PERSONALLY in a …hmmm, maybe the best way to describe it is the gym club of the coaching world.

You can come whenever you need or want support.

You can start to shift your life and career in digestible bites.

You can take charge of your patterns and emotions and finally get more of what you really desire.

Believe me - a game changer.

A little side effect: you'll become a MUCH better leader for others on the way. Oh - and parent. In case you've got kids - like me. Because parents ARE leaders. Just saying.

Come and join the club. :-)

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