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Yesterday I said NO to a potential client - and here's why (plus a special offer!)

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FIRST OF ALL - Happy International Women's Day to all the women in my life - to those who might still come there - and to all the women out there doing their best and never give up in a highly complex, complicated and sometimes extremely exhausting world! (scroll to the end for a GREAT offer for - status quo NOW (08.03./1 pm) 2 wonderful female leaders. 

So here goes the story: 

Yesterday I said NO to someone and declined to work with them.  

It does not happen very often - after all this is my business and my income!

So here's what happened

At the weekend I was contacted by a woman who was in a great hurry to talk to me - I've never ever met her before in my life - she found me on Linkedin.

I sensed that she was in a pickle and needed support so I took an hour and a half on my Sunday to chat with her. An intelligent, driven woman in the technology sector.

Her main concern was how she was being perceived by others - that she felt excluded by them, not accepted (sometimes even ridiculed) and communication with others in her team seemed to go haywire regularly. 

 She came into the call all over the place, speaking quietly and very quickly in a rather monotone voice and she was sitting slightly hunched. 

She left the call sitting upright, speaking far more clearly and crisply and had a smile on her face. 

And she knew all about how she could work with me. Because she asked - "HOW CAN I SHIFT MY BEHAVIOUR SUSTAINABLY?" and she was excited to start. 

All honky-dory, right?

You got to be ready (or what went wrong here)

First of all - despite her moving already in this first call I felt a nudge that something was off. 

I tend to follow my intuition and still decided to see where this was going. 

In the following conversation the next day when the idea was to kick things off to start the programme I realized that this woman wasn't ready. 

 She wanted change. And fast. And was incredibly pushy to get "knowledge" to apply to her situation.

She wasn't prepared to "pay the price" - and I'm not (necessarily) talking about money. Rather about commitment and time. 

My intuition had been right - she was not ready.

I get it: EVERYBODY wants change fast. And preferably not invest anything to achieve that. I was there in the past. 

And learned a valuable lesson:


And as such, I would have done a disservice to this woman AND myself by accepting to work with her. 

So - how DOES it work?

Actions speak louder than words

SAYING that you're serious about change is not enough. What we really want will always be reflected in our actions - as they speak louder than words. 

We might THINK that we're ready - if we don't take the appropriate action and commitment, it's wishful thinking and not our actual truth. 

I myself worked on my own transformation to become the personal leader of my life for DECADES - until I was ready to invest time, money and a different effort than reading tons of books and accumulating knowledge. 

Highly NOT recommended.

If I could do it again I would much earlier rather spend money on a coach than go on holidays (the last time I did that was in 2021 when I spent 5 K USD on a programme to get myself support in the area of romantic relationships as I realized I repeated patterns). 

And I've noticed that when people are ready (including myself) the commitment is simply there and we'll make the financial side work too (NOTE: THIS IS NO RECOMMENDATION TO STRETCH YOURSELF FINANCIALLY!! DO NOT SPEND MONEY YOU DON'T HAVE. IT'S ABOUT WHERE AND HOW WE CHOOSE TO SPEND OUR MONEY THAT REFLECTS OUR COMMITMENT)

 I've "wasted" many years, trying to figure things out myself ;-). 

 No regrets here per se - the learning journey could have been faster. 

MORE IMPORTANTLY - I could have stopped my suffering with people pleasing, wanting to be heard, respected and seen, communication and relationships because of not being aligned with myself MUCH earlier. 


  • To connect with your true desires (not what others told you, you "should" be or do) and have the courage to follow them?
  • To speak up for yourself from your heart and ask for what you want confidently - at home and at work?
  • To uncover and unlearn the hidden patterns or beliefs that keep you from getting where you secretly want to be?
  • To learn how to feel yourself again in a way that allows you to deeply connect with yourself and others?

…all of the above resulting in a deep sense of peace, a significant reduction of stress and the clarity, courage, confidence and trust in yourself that you will be successful on your own terms. 

A Special Offer - in Honour of International Women's Day

 I still got slots left for 2 (out of 3) women in my PLeX 5.0 Leadership 1:1 coaching programme, which - in honour of INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY (8th of March - tomorrow ;-)) I give away for 50% of the original price. 

So if you're ready and have been sitting on the fence for a while - hop on - either a call to see if we like each other ;-) - or if you already know - simply book NOW, and I'll be personally holding your hand through your journey to the next level for the next 6 months. 

Can't wait to hear from you! 

PS: Read this after the 9th of March, 2023? Well, then then the 3 slots are already gone - but you can watch the free webinar which provides you with the 3 CRUCIAL SHIFTS that you can implement immediately and bring you in alignment with who you are and from exhausted "superwoman"to authentic, confident & relaxed leader.





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